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About Simplify and Smile


Simplify and Smile is a professional home and office organizing company based in Northern Virginia, founded by organizing expert Mandy Ciarrocki. 


Are you struggling to stay organized and want to simplify your life? You are not alone! Mandy provides hands-on guidance and support to keep your living spaces organized for good. Together, you and Mandy will declutter your space and create custom systems fitted to your needs that help keep you tidy long after your project is complete.

Simplify and Smile works on home offices, kitchens, bedrooms, closets, garages, and more. When the space you live in is organized and everything is in its place, you have more time to focus on the things that make you smile.  A tidy workplace can greatly increase your productivity and your earning potential.


There is not enough time in today’s busy world to get all those projects on your to-do list done. Fret no longer. Simplify and Smile is ready to provide a helping hand for all your organizing needs.

Organzing and Moving Services
Meet Mandy Ciarrocki


Professional Organizer Mandy Ciarrocki

Mandy is a home organizing professional who loves sharing the uplifting power of organizing your space and how life changing keeping tidy can be.  Her passion for putting things in their place has been apparent all her life, from her days tidying up the junk drawer, to ensuring each file was kept in order at her workplaces.

After graduating James Madison University with a Bachelors in Business, Mandy began a career in hospitality management, eventually working in luxury property management.  After a successful 10-year career in hospitality, Mandy launched Simplify and Smile to focus on her major passion of living a decluttered lifestyle and helping others to organize and simplify their living spaces as well.

Mandy is incredibly energetic and enthusiastic. She will share her expertise in helping you find solutions to make your home and office run more efficiently to allow you more time to enjoy the fun things in life. 

Mandy hopes that once she helps you simplify your space, you can look at it and smile!  



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