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Easy Fixes For a Crowded Coat Closet

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Great organizing makes it just as easy to find things you want to use as it is to put things back. Because if things aren’t easy to put back in your crowded coat closet, they’re just gonna end up on the floor (next to) the closet, am I right?

before picture of a coat closet
organized coat closet

Coat closets should be your “behind closed doors” drop zone, an easy place to open up and “drop” things where they belong.

But this isn’t always the case.

Here are some common coat closet problems along with some pro organizer tips to help you simplify this space.

Problem 1 - Too Many Coats!

If your coat closet is anything like mine, it was only meant to hold the coats of one individual. If yours is large enough to hold all of your coats and even those of some of your loved ones, consider yourself among the lucky few!

organized shoes

Pro Solution:

Don’t overstuff your coat closet, switch out seasonally if there is not enough room, and find another location for unused coats.

Vacuum bags are a great idea for coat storage and can even slide under a bed.

Don’t organize your coats by color, instead swap them around for what you’re using right now. I do, however, always make a point to face them all the same direction and zip them up for a more uniform look. This only takes an extra second, and is well worth it!.

Problem 2 - A Graveyard of Shoes!

I definitely prefer shoes to stay behind closed doors. No need for them to be out and about in the house where they’re not being worn.

Pro Solution:

Invest in a shoe rack for the bottom of your coat closet! It makes it easier to get shoes out and then put away when they're not all piled on top of one another. I recommend the Wooden Shoe Rack from The Container Store because it flips right together and looks super classy.

professional organizer done coat closet

Problem 3 - Nowhere to Store All Those Miscellaneous items!

organized items

Hats, gloves, sunscreen, umbrellas, stuff for the dog

— there will always be grab-and-go items kept in your coat closet.

Pro Solution: Keep like items corralled together in a bin or basket… and label it! Labels keep you accountable for placing items back where they go so you can find it there later.

Multi-purpose bins from The Container Store are one of my go-to choices! Low cost, and available in multiple sizes, these bins also have a handle making it easy to grab down.

Problem 4 - The Door Itself

That first barrier which makes it so darn hard to put things away: opening the door! If you can get past that and just do it, you can even learn to love your door, because it can add extra storage.

coat closet goals

Pro Solution: If room allows, use the inside of your door to literally add storage.

Try installing a door rack or simple hooks. My all-time favorite is the ever customizable Elfa Door Rack.

Seriously, that’s it, the photos speak for themselves on this one!

With just a few simple changes, you can make your coat closet a functional and organized place that really makes you smile. Talk to you soon, and don’t forget… nothing ever really belongs on the floor. :)

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